The first summer playing our first ever cycling game in Malaga was over. September was close and It was time to return to Vitoria, my hometown in northern Spain. By then I was completely mad about the new game and I couldn’t wait to share it with my school friends.

Just a few minutes after unpacking at home I ran up to my dad’s store-room. I desperately needed a big piece of wood to build a new board (proto v.0.2). The long hours travelling across the Iberian peninsula had been very productive in my mind: lots of ideas, potential improvements, etc. My hunt at dad’s store-room was succesful: a sweet 2×1 m. wooden board had just become 100% Diego Hernandos’s propiety.
I sketched my first track using a ruler and a marker. Needless to say that the result was far from perfect, but it didn’t matter, I had a board! Step 2: the tokens. I gathered all my 5-peseta coins and customized 5 new teams that joined MY very own Festina* (which had travelled all the way from Malaga with me). Everything was ready: time for the official launch!

I invited 4 friends home for the first game in Vitoria and Leandro was one of them. I wanted them to like my new game so badly that I would rush all the tedious calculations so that we could play as many games as possible. It worked! soon my friends were as hooked on the game as I was. In the years to come countless afternoons, especially during holidays, would know no other activity that playing the new cycling game. The legend of CYCLING PARTY had conquered Vitoria!

*That legendary Festina would give me 2 years of glorious victories :)

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